California king bed (Rihanna), notas para flauta

Notas para flauta de "California King Bed" de Rihanna:

laso|si --- Chest to chest
laso|si --- Nose to nose
laso|si --- Palm to palm
laso|laso|lasila --- We were always just that close
laso|si --- Wrist to wrist
laso|si --- Toe to toe
laso|silaso|so|laso|lasila --- Lips that felt just like the inside of a rose
so|so|siso|siso|lasimi*re* --- So how come when I reach out my fingers
so|so|lasire*mi*so|*so|*si*la* --- It feels like more than distance between us

so|lasiso|redosila --- In this California king bed
so|lasilaso|fa#so| --- We’re ten thousand miles apart
so|lasiso|redosilaso|fa#so| --- I bet California wishing on these stars
relaso| --- For your heart
sila --- For me
redo*silaso|so| --- My California king

laso|si --- Eye to eye
laso|si --- Cheek to cheek
laso|si --- Side by side
laso|laso|lasila --- You were sleeping next to me
laso|si --- Arm to arm
laso|silaso| --- Dusk to dawn
mi*re*laso|so|so|so|mi*re*simi*re* --- With the curtains drawn and a little last

night on these sheets
re*re*re*mi*re*mi*so|*la*so|*si*la* --- So how come when I reach out my fingers
re*re*mi*la*si*la*so|*si*la* --- It seems like more than distance between us

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